Smooth Sided Bottle Caps

Available as Bore Seal, un-lined or lined with a choice of either EPE or I.H.S. liners. They can be produced in a variety of standard colours or colour matched to a Pantone reference of your choice. Please contact us for samples or detailed drawings.


Tool Ref

13mm Tall Radius Rollette Cap T084
15mm FEA Overcap C3274
15mm FEA Collar Overcap C3297
18mm R4 Plain Cap T047B
18mm R4 Tall Radius Cap T057
18mm R4 Tapered Matt Cap T140
20mm R4 Smooth Sided Cap T128
20mm R4 Tall Radius Cap T062
22mm R4 Tall Radius Cap T112A
22mm R4 Reverse Taper Cap T152
22mm R5 (410) Plain Cap T064B
24mm R5 (410) Tall Radius Cap T112B
24mm R5 (410) Smooth Sided Cap T134B
24mm R4 Tall Radius Cap T034A
24mm R5 (410) Tall Radius Cap T034B
28mm R6 Tall Radius Cap T032
28mm Plain Bore Seal Double Wall Cap T110
31mm Double Wall Cap T102
70mm Spice Overcap T035/080
Wet Wipes Cap T200